Website enhancement: Updates to frequently used NOVO forms

14 October 2014

Good afternoon

We're trying to make it easier to use Novopay, and as part of this process, we are updating and developing content for this website. Our aim is to improve the information and guidelines available to schools.

With End of Year/Start of Year (EoY/SoY) just around the corner, we've updated some frequently used NOVO forms to make them easier for you to complete now and throughout the year.

What improvements have we made?

All updated forms have three changes in common:

  • Mandatory fields have been flagged with a red asterisk (*) making it clear which fields you must complete
  • Help text is built into these forms so it's right there when you need it. There is no need to download a separate instructions document.
  • Links to payroll codes on the forms take you directly to the relevant page on the Novopay website when you click on them. This will make finding the information you need faster and easier.

Which forms have been updated?

The NOVO1t/nt, NOVO2t/nt, NOVO5/5c, NOVO16t, NOVO29 and NOVO33 forms have been updated and are now ready for use. We recommend you begin using the new versions of these forms starting today.

Content improvements to the Novopay website are ongoing so please check back regularly. The website should be your first port of call for payroll updates and information, including through EoY/SoY and beyond.

Kind regards

The Novopay Service Centre team