A new look to your draft SUE report today:
The Employee Summary section

31 July 2014

Good morning

Last week we told you about a new feature that was being added to your SUE report called the Employee Summary. You will find this section at the top of the PDF version of the SUE report that you download today.

The Employee Summary sorts the data by employee, by job and by type of pay. This provides you with a snapshot of your school's payroll information in an easy-to-read format.

The rest of your SUE report remains the same and all information normally included in the PDF version of your report can be found below the Employee Summary. The CSV file does not include the Employee Summary-it remains the same.

To learn more about the Employee Summary, please review Friday's Novopay News Special, which includes FAQs and an updated guide to reading your SUE report. This information is also available on the home page of the Novopay website.

If you have questions about your SUE report please contact the Service Centre at support@novopay.govt.nz or on 0508 668 6729.

Kind regards

The Novopay Service Centre team