Update re: Errors on today's draft SUE report affecting employees on LWOP

3 July 2014

Good afternoon

We now have further details of the issue affecting some employees on LWOP as displayed on the draft SUE report.

If you have staff on LWOP you may see one of the following anomalies on your SUE report today:

  • Employees on LWOP booked across the VAC2 term break may show two days of HPP (Holiday Pay Permanent) paid to them in this pay period. This is incorrect.
  • Employees on LWOP will not yet have their HPR (Holiday Pay Reduction) applied. This reduction will be run in time for the pay.

We are working to fix these issues in time for the final SUE report on Monday.

We will inform you once this issue has been resolved.

Kind regards

The Novopay Service Centre team