Early pay for some restarting TTO non-teaching staff

4 February 2014  Please refer to the alert 17 December 2013.

This is a reminder there was an issue with term-time-only (TTO) non-teaching staff if they restarted during their booked unpaid vacation leave (VAC) period.

These staff may have received some of their pay early - in the pay period in which the change is entered into Novopay Online, rather than in January/February after they returned to work.

For example, if during Pay Period 20 you changed in Novopay Online the restart date of a TTO non-teacher to a date earlier than their VAC end date, the extra pay will be paid to the staff member in Pay Period 20 (i.e. Saturday 21 December). The same pattern applied in Pay Period 21.

This has two impacts:

 - Your staff member's first pay in 2014 would be smaller than they would otherwise expect (because of receiving some pay early).

- Your school's cashflow would be affected by the timing of these payments.

You may have told your staff about this late last year.  If so could you please remind them they may receive less pay in their first pay in 2014 because they were paid early.

We are sorry this has happened at such a busy time of the year, and we appreciate your patience.

The Novopay Service Centre team