Base rate increase and other changes for School Support Staff in PP11

7 August 2014

Good morning

The new Support Staff in Schools Collective Agreement became effective 6 June 2014. This results in the introduction of a base rate increase and the establishment of a new Executive Management Group, both on 27 June 2014, the date of promulgation.

The base rate increase will be processed for the pay in PP11, however due to the amount of manual work required to process this increase, the change may not be visible on your draft SUE report on 14 August 2014. Processing will be completed in time for the final SUE.

Employees who are covered by this collective agreement, who are also members of NZEI or SFWU, will automatically have their base rate increase calculated based on the new terms backdated to 27 June 2014. There is no action for you to take in this instance.

Employees receiving a Salary Loading (SALLO) or Salary Loading - Paid on Extra Hours (SALLT) allowance will have their base salary increased to the new rate, but their allowance will be decreased by the same amount. If the combined old salary and old SALLO or SALLT is less than the new salary, the employee's base rate will be increased and the allowance ceased.

To increase the salary for these employees please complete a Pay Details Change for Non-Teachers (NOVO22nt) form and send to the Novopay Service Centre.

Employees covered by a promulgated Individual Employment Agreement (IEA)

School staff who are covered by this Collective Agreement but who have signed a promulgated Individual Employment Agreement (IEA) will have their pay manually calculated based on the new terms effective from the date of signing a new IEA. This can be no earlier than the date of promulgation, 27 June 2014.

Please complete a Pay Details Change for Non-Teachers (NOVO22nt) form to advise the Novopay Service Centre of changes to pay arising from a new IEA.

Pay increase instructions received by the Novopay Service Centre before the manual form cut off on 11 August will be processed in PP11.

Any pay increase instructions received after the cut off for PP11 will be processed in the pay period the Novopay Service Centre receives your instructions.

Information for schools about the new Executive Management Group

As a result of the Support Staff in Schools Collective Agreement ratification, a new Executive Management Group has been created. Employees will not automatically be moved from their current grade and placed on the new scale. To initiate this change, please complete a Novo2nt form and submit to the Novopay Service Centre.

When filling out the Novo2nt, the new grade code for these employees is EMGRR (Executive Management Group Range of Rates), the minimum entry rate (as per the terms of settlement) is $75,000pa and the step field on the form should be left blank. Employees cannot be moved to the new group before 27 June 2014.

For more detail about these changes please refer to the Circular 2014-39 Settlement of collective agreements for school support staff.Consolidated pay scales effective 27 June 2015

The 2nd tranche of the Support staff in Schools Collective Agreement, effective 27 June 2015, involves an increase and a consolidation of Administration and Associate Grades. This is a complex task and work on this has already begun. Further information and instructions for schools will be available closer to the time.

Kind regards
The Novopay Service Centre team