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Do employees get an email payslip and what happens if they don't have email? Yes. Payslips are emailed every fortnight. If an email address is not provided, the Novopay Service Centre posts a printed payslip to the employee only if their pay changes.
How do we add or change an employee's email address for their payslip? See Resend payslip for more details.
Can an employee ask for a copy of their payslip? See Resend payslip for more details.
Do schools get a copy of payslips? No. They are sent direct to the employee's nominated address.
If our reliever works for other schools what will their payslip show? The reliever's payslip shows gross payments from all the schools they work for, their deductions and the net payment. But your SUE report only shows the payments for your school. See Information for relievers for more details.
Why didn't an employee receive their payslip? Employees with a nominated email address will be sent an email payslip each payday (please ask them to check their spam mail if it doesn't arrive). Other employees only get a payslip posted to them if their pay changes.
If we change an email (or postal) address in Novopay Online is this permanent - or can we do it for just one payment or just the payslip? The change is permanent unless you change it again. For a short-term change you need to diarise to change the address back. Please note Novopay can hold both a home address and a postal address, but only one email per employee. See Resend payslip for more details.
How are employees informed of changes in their pay? Your school must discuss any changes with the employee. The new pay details will be confirmed by the payslip.

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