Recruitment, Retention and Responsibility Payment

A recruitment, retention and responsibility payment is a payment - from your bulk grant - to a teacher who has extra responsibilities, or to improve teacher recruitment or retention.

Payment is not part of Area or Secondary Teacher Collectives

Secondary and area school boards:

  • Can choose to pay these payments to their teachers.
  • Have the discretion to pay these payments at the same dollar value as units.

What effect does it have on a Teacher's income?

A recruitment, retention and responsibility payment:

  • Is paid fortnightly with the teacher's base salary.
  • Is not the same as a salary unit.
  • Does not affect normal salary progression.
  • Does not allow a teacher to progress past their qualification group's maximum salary step.
  • Is not payable as a bonus.
  • Is divisible by two with both parts being allocated.
  • Is not pro-rated for part-time staff.
  • For primary teachers is to be paid at the rate in the Primary Teachers' Collective Agreement.

When the following conditions are met boards can allocate without Ministry approval

  • Boards must consult with teaching staff about school priorities before they allocate payments.
  • There is no limit to the number of recruitment, retention and responsibility payments, but as payments are ongoing liabilities for the board they must be affordable from bulk grant.
  • A board is responsible for the Government Superannuation Fund employer subsidy, if it allocates a recruitment, retention and responsibility payment permanently or for 24 months or more.

How to withdraw a payment

A board may withdraw payment if it gives:

  • Two-months' notice to a secondary or area teacher.
  • Two-terms' notice to a primary teacher.