Key points for employees

  • Emailed payslips are password protected. Your password is your MOE number. If required, add zeroes at the front to make it a 7-digit number.
  • If you need a payslip re-sent to you, complete the Payslip resend request form or ask your payroll administrator.
  • To change your email address, ask your school's payroll administrator to update the email address through EdPay or a NOVO3 form.

See How to read your payslip (PDF, 355KB).

Add or change email address

If an employee wants to add or change their email address, see Resend payslip for details.

If an employee is not receiving payslips via email when they have been set up to receive them, there may be a technical issue blocking the emails. If the employee's email address is a school email address, ask your technical support person to check whether emails from Education Payroll are being blocked or 'white listed'.

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