Bus Controller's Allowance

The Bus Controller's Allowance is an allowance for teachers or principals who are appointed bus controllers for a school district and who undertake the full duties of bus control.

The Bus Controllers' Allowance Claim Form (NOVO39t) can be found under the NOVO forms here.


Teachers and principals covered by the following employment agreements may be eligible for this allowance (if authorised by their employing school and Land Transport Agent):

Employees not eligible for Bus Controller's Allowance

The Bus Controller's Allowance has been removed from the Area School Principals’ Collective Agreement 2011-2013 with effect 13 April 2011. All principals who are covered by this new collective agreement or who have signed an IEA based on the new version of the employment agreement cannot be paid this allowance from 13 April 2011.

Employees who are not teachers are not eligible for the bus controller’s allowance. If you wish to pay a non teacher for these duties as part of their normal role you will need to complete an NOVO13nt Timesheet for Non-Teaching Staff Form.

How do I apply?

Bus Controller information and application forms are available on the Ministry of Education website - click here.