Attestation report

The attestation report is an electronic payroll report that shows the names of your teachers and support staff who are due to receive an increment (in other words, due to have their salary increased). The attestation report is available to all schools.

The attestation report is generated fortnightly in Novopay Online (NOL) and displays a list of employees who are eligible for an increment by meeting their service requirement. Your school's report can be accessed from the 'My Reporting' area in NOL. See School Attestations report for more detail.

It is important that you regularly download and review your attestation report, as increments can occur at different times of the year. If your school has only a small number of teachers, you may only need to check the report once per term. Schools with larger staff may need to review it each fortnight. Find the frequency that works best for your school.

Each time a school returns an attestation report to the Service Centre, Novopay manually reviews the report for service accuracy, including dates, before loading an increment. The Service Centre will identify any errors when the service is reviewed and pays the increment from the correct date. The school will be notified of any date changes when the ticket is closed.

Sometimes attestations cannot be processed in time for the draft SUE reports. The Service Centre makes every effort to complete all processing before pay day within the pay period the instructions are received, and will keep you advised of any delays that may arise.

Increments cannot be loaded in NOL. They must be requested manually. If you have questions about your attestation report, please contact the Novopay Service Centre on 0508 668 6729.

Manual confirmation of attestation information for teaching staff

Teachers are required to meet both service and performance requirements to be eligible to receive an increment. Schools must manually confirm that the teachers included in the report have met the performance requirements. The Service Centre will check that the service requirements have been met.

When reviewing your school's attestation report, make a note next to each teacher's name, as follows:

  • 'Y' for Yes if they have met the performance requirements for an increment
  • 'N' for No if they're not entitled to an increment
  • 'D' for Defer if they have met the service requirements but have not met performance requirements. Also include the defer date.

If a teacher is on the top step of their grade or qualification group, is receiving permanent units, and has been satisfactorily assessed against the professional standards, they should be marked as 'Y' on the report. Depending on their grade and step, they may be able to progress further up the salary scale.

If a teacher is on the top step of their grade or qualification group and is not receiving permanent units, they should be marked as 'N' on the report.

If a teacher is due an increment from work performed at a previous school, the Service Centre may need to gather details from the previous school and investigate the attestation. This process may take longer than other attestation requests. If this is the case, the teacher's current school will be advised of the delay and notified when the ticket has been closed.

Attestations for day relievers

For primary teachers only: If a day reliever is working at your school on the day they become eligible for an increment, they will appear on your attestation report. If they have performed satisfactorily, they should be marked as 'Y' on the attestation report. You don't need to assess them against the professional standards in the same way that you would other teachers. You only need to attest that their performance was satisfactory. This is a condition of the Primary Teachers' Collective Agreement (clause 3.4.1 A).

The Collective Agreements for secondary and area teachers don't require attestation for a day reliever to increment up the scale. Day relievers in the secondary and area sectors are eligible for an increment after 190 days of day relief. They will still appear on the attestation report, but their progression is not dependent on a response from the school.

Attestation information for non-teaching staff

Non-teachers are automatically included on the attestation report.

Instead of confirming eligibility of non-teaching staff on the attestation report, it is recommended that you complete a NOVO22nt form and submit it to the Service Centre.

Where no increment is due, the employee should be marked as 'N' on the attestation report.