Annualisation allows permanent and fixed term support staff who work during term time only, and who meet the criteria for annualisation, to have their projected earnings spread across the year from 31 January of one year to 30 January of the following year. This means they receive equal fortnightly pays during this period.

The Support Staff in Schools' Collective Agreement - Appendix F requires annualisation to begin at the start of 31 January in any pay year.

Employees whose pay is annualised do not have a separate annual leave payment. Annual leave is provided for as part of the annualised pay calculation.

The annualisation calculation is based on the standard hours per week that the employee will be working during the current school year. In other words, all hours the employee would have been paid for (excluding additional hours) if they remained Term Time Only for that school year.

Annualisation Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)


If an authorised user is an annualised employee, schools must send the employee's NOVO23nt form to their School Accounts Team (SAT) before the cut off for the pay period in which their employee's start date in the new school year falls. If this is late, the employee will lose access to Novopay Online and EdPay until the form is provided and processed, as access is driven by their start date each year.

Annualise an employee's pay

Download this information about annualisation for your employees.

Support staff whose employment agreement makes them eligible for annualisation can only be annualised from 31 January, if they intend working for the full year.

Complete a NOVO23nt form to set up annualised pay. A new NOVO23nt form must be filled out for each year that the employee wishes to have their pay annualised. Instructions for completing the NOVO23nt can be found here.

Change pay rate, hours, allowances or signing a new IEA during the annualised year.

Complete a NOVO24nt form to change an annualised support staff's regular weekly hours of work, pay rate, first aid or qualification allowance.

Cease annualisation

Cease the annualisation agreement during the year, as follows:

  • If the employee wishes to voluntarily cease annualisation before the end of the annualisation agreement, complete a NOVO2nt form to cease annualisation.
  • If the employee takes unplanned leave without pay for more than 10 consecutive working days during the year, their annualisation agreement ceases. Complete a NOVO12 form to book the leave and a NOVO2nt form to cease annualisation.
  • If the employee resigns or their employment ends at your school during the year and before the end of the annualisation agreement, you must complete aNOVO6 form.


See NOVO forms to download NOVO forms, and for guidance on completing forms.

  • To set up annualised pay for an eligible employee at the start of the school year: NOVO23nt - Annualisation Agreement for Non-Teachers
  • To change an annualised non-teacher's regular weekly hours of work, pay rate, first aid or qualification allowance: NOVO24nt - Annualisation Agreement Change of Hours/Pay Rate for Non-Teachers
  • To cease the annualisation before the end of the annualisation period: NOVO6 - Termination / End of Employment
  • To confirm pay details if the employee ceases annualisation but is continuing in the same position: NOVO2nt - Details Change for Non-Teachers
  • To terminate an employee who is leaving an annualised position: NOVO6 - Termination / End of Employment

NOTE: The year's NOVO23nt is available by the end of October each year, and the Novo24nt and Novo25nt becomes available from PP23 each year.

Record keeping

Retain a copy of any forms in the employee's file. See Payroll record keeping for more details.