Annual leave for 52-week non-teachers

Non-teaching 52-week employees accrue an annual leave entitlement each fortnight. For example, a 52-week worker with 20 days entitlement has 0.767 days added to their annual leave balance each fortnight. When they book leave, the days are deducted from their leave balance. Any remaining leave balance rolls over into their next entitlement year.


Ensure you read the employee’s employment agreement carefully for full details of their leave provisions.
See Employment agreements ( website).
Contact NZ School Trustees Association if you need help to interpret employment agreement details.

Accumulation of entitlements

Employees accumulate annual leave entitlements as specified in their employment agreement. The annual leave entitlement shows on the School Annual and Sick Leave report.

Book leave

Book annual leave for a 52-week employee either in Novopay Online or on a NOVO12 form. 

Use leave code AL (Annual Leave – 52 week non teacher). See Book leave for instructions.

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