A selection of school transaction and financial reports is available in Novopay Online to download and view. Access to these reports is restricted to principals and school-wide administrators.

A duly delegated member of the board can request reports from the principal in the first instance, or via NZSTA if required.

Reports can be downloaded in PDF and/or CSV formats. For a description of these file types, see CSV and PDF file formats.

Daily reports

  • Transaction report
    Generated each morning to show the payroll instructions processed so far in the 14-day period starting on the Monday before the most recent pay day.

Fortnightly reports

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Annual reports

  • School Annual Accrual report
    Summarises salary and wage information from the SUE reports from 28 January of one year to 27 January of the following year. This forms part of your school's annual financial statement.
  • ACC EOY (Invoice to Schools)
    The school's ACC invoice for the employer levy payable by the school for employees who are paid from Operational Grant (BG) funding.
  • End of Year report
    Shows all end of year related data about your employees, to assist with End of Year processing.
  • Start of Year report
    Shows all start of year related data about your employees, to assist with Start of Year processing.

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On-demand reports

  • Online Access/Audit report
    Shows employees who have access to Novopay Online, and what level of access they have.
  • Pay Ending report
    Shows employees whose job is due to end within the next 90 days, and who will not be paid after their occupancy ends. It also shows employees who have already left your school, but who have not been terminated in the Novopay payroll system.
  • General Ledger Accounts report
    Lists all the funding and department codes used by a school.

Other reports

  • Other reports
    From time to time, other reports will be available to schools via Novopay Online, for example audit related reports and error schedules.

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