Transaction report

The Transaction report is generated each morning to show the payroll instructions processed in the 14-day period from the Monday before the most recent pay day. The generation date and time in the report header shows when the report data was extracted. Any instructions entered after that time will not appear on the report.

Transaction reports do not show dollar values. The amounts paid to employees will show on the next Staff Usage and Expenditure (SUE) report.


The Transaction report is the first place to check that recent pay instructions have been processed correctly for the current pay period. Checking the Transaction and SUE reports is an important part of the fortnightly pay cycle. See Fortnightly pay.

Note: A 'Daily status of your tickets' email is also available to show instructions that the Novopay Service Centre has received but has not yet processed. See Manage tickets for information about this email.


This report can be downloaded as either a CSV file or a PDF file. These display slightly different information, as follows:

  • The PDF version shows only the transactions that have been entered in Novopay Online by the school.
  • The CSV version includes the transactions entered in Novopay Online by the school, and the fortnightly payroll processing done by the Novopay Service Centre.

For information on these file formats, see CSV and PDF file formats.


Only school-wide administrators and principals can access this report.

The Ministry of Education strongly recommends that the person who checks the Transaction reports is independent of any changes made.

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This report is run daily and is usually available by 9.00 am each day.

Download the report

  1. Download the Transaction report in Novopay Online using the following menu path:

    My Reporting tab > School Reports > Transaction Report

  2. Select the end date of the period you want to view.

  3. Click file format (PDF or CSV) that you would like to download.

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Reading the report

This table describes the codes that appear in the first column in the CSV Transaction report file.

Code Definition
EMPLOYEE A change to an employee's personal details.
LV_BOOKINGS A leave booking.
MAILING A change to an employee's email address.
OCCUP_ACCOUNT A change to an employee's funding code.
OCCUP_ALLOWANCE A change to an employee's allowances.
PEEMPDISB A change to an employee's bank account.
PEPAYTRAN Timesheet entries.
SUBSTANTIVE A change to an employee's appointment details, e.g. grade, agreement, employment status, hours

Report corrections

If the report shows incorrect information, you must make adjustments, either online or via form, before the current pay period cut-off times. For more information, see Correct pay errors.

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It is recommended that you keep checked and signed transaction reports for each pay period until the year's financial audit is completed.

To meet legal requirements, Transaction reports must be kept for seven years. Transaction reports for the past 15 months can be downloaded from Novopay Online. For older versions, contact the Novopay Service Centre.

See Payroll record keeping.

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