Start of Year report

The Start of Year report shows start of year related data for your employees, including allowances, hours worked, funding and department codes and leave without pay details entered in the Start of Year screen.


This report provides a summary of information relevant to start of year processing.

Before the Start of Year screen opens, you can save the report and open it in a spreadsheet program, e.g. Excel, to capture information ready to enter in the Start of Year screen.

During the period when the Start of Year screen is open, download the report to view the changes you have submitted so far.

This report may be useful at other times of the year, e.g. to check that employee records are correct at the beginning of each term.


The Start of Year report has a CSV file format. For information on this file format, see CSV and PDF file formats.


The report can be downloaded at any time during the Start of Year preparation and processing period.

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Download the report

  1. Download the Start of Year report in Novopay Online using the following menu path:

    My School > Employment Changes > Employee Changes

  2. Select Start of Year in the Change Category field on the School Selection screen.

  3. Click Download SOY Report to download the CSV file.


There are no specific retention requirements for this report.

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