School Attestations report

The School Attestations report shows the names of teachers (including relievers) and support staff who meet the service requirement to receive a salary increment. Depending on their employment agreement, the employee may also need to be confirmed as meeting professional standards before they can progress up the salary scale.

See Attestation report for more detail.


Schools are notified of eligible employees via this report 6 weeks before the salary increment being due, so that professional standards appraisals can be performed and attestation provided before the employee becomes eligible.
Use the School Attestations report to confirm each employee's eligibility for an increment. Send this to the Novopay Service Centre, who will check that the date of eligibility is accurate and load the increments as directed.


The report is available in PDF format. For information on this file format, see CSV and PDF file formats.


Only school-wide administrators and principals can access this report.

Only principals can attest that school employees are eligible for a salary increment.

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This is a fortnightly report, available on the first day of each pay period.

It is important that you regularly review this report, as increments can occur at different times of the year.
For large schools, this may need to be reviewed fortnightly.

Download the report

  1. Download the School Attestations report in Novopay Online using the following menu path:

    My Reporting tab > School Reports > School Attestations

  2. Click PDF to download the report.

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Key tasks

  1. Save the School Attestations report to your computer and print a copy.

  2. Review the report as described in Attestation report.

  3. Sign, scan and email the updated report to the Novopay Service Centre.

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The School Attestations report forms part of the 'wages and time record' that is required to be kept for six years. See Payroll record keeping.

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