Salary Assessment Unit forms

Use these forms to request a salary assessment, statement of service, additional qualifications, service increments allowance and childcare credits. See here for more information regarding when to use each form.

Novopay forms should be opened and completed using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. If you use other software, some of the information you have entered may not be visible to the Salary Assessment Unit. This will result in the Salary Assessment Unit returning the form to you to complete and submit again.

To avoid this, download Adobe Reader
Remember to choose the operating system you use (Windows 7, XP, Vista, Mac OS 10) before downloading Adobe Reader.

For more information regarding completing our forms as Smart Forms, refer to the Smart Forms page.

IMPORTANT: Before filling in the form, save it to your desktop or other location on your computer. This ensures that the information you type in the form will be saved.

UPDATED: These forms can now be submitted via email from an Authorised User within a school. Please email the form and any supporting certified documents to

Salary Assessment checklist for Authorised Users before submitting

Number Name When to Use this form instructions



Smart Form

Salary Assessment for Teachers Use this form when a teacher is new to teaching in a state or state-integrated school. That is, this is their first position, or has not taught in a state or state integrated school for two years. Instructions



Smart Form

New/Improved/Additional Qualifications for Teachers Use this form when a teacher has received new, additional or improved qualifications which payroll has not assessed. Instructions



Smart Form

Service Increment for Teachers To request the Novopay Service Centre to apply a service increment allowance for an employee. Instructions



Smart Form

Childcare Credit for Teachers For a permanent or fixed-term teacher who has previously resigned, or taken leave from a permanent teaching position, to care for their own child. Instructions

If you are having trouble downloading one of these forms, or you would like help completing your payroll instruction, please contact the Salary Assessment Unit on 0508 NOVOPAY (6686 729) Option 3.